The Trees I Plant


The purpose of this blog is to record the trees I plant, which are growing too numerous for me to easily remember. I plant trees because they interest me, like all living things, but I like trees in particular because they are long-lived, structurally beautiful, and they produce some of the greatest products, such as fruits, nuts, and wood. I began planting trees at a very young age and I think it’s fair to say that I have sustained this activity longer than any other similar pursuit, except perhaps drawing. But I haven’t written about my tree planting until now. I have kept some notes, which I will refer to in the coming months to help recall what I have planted, but mostly I will work from memory or with visits to the trees. The range of my planting activities extends from New Hampshire to Virginia and includes a variety of situations, rural, suburban, and urban. No project is too small or ordinary to record. After all, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn,” says Emerson. Before I could read or write, I had already inhaled this idea straight from New England’s woods where this chronicle begins. My plan is to look back to plantings past in weekly installations until I catch up and hit my current stride.







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