Prince Street Arboretum

Established in 2014, The Prince Street Arboretum is a public arboretum in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Nate Heavers, an assistant professor of landscape architecture at Virginia Tech, noticed 12 different species of trees along the five-block stretch between the university’s two urban campus buildings. With graduate student John Whilden he designed and installed labels on the street trees extending the educational environment of Virginia Tech into the neighborhood. Recently, Nate has planted several new trees, adding to the diversity already found on Prince Street, testing species planted historically that are uncommon on streets today.

Lacebark elm label on 601 block of Prince Street

Prince Street Sidewalk Arboretum Map

One thought on “Prince Street Arboretum”

  1. A great website Nate! It will be interesting to read the feedback you get.

    The Planning Commission in CharlestownI had a walking tour of the original mill community center in Shannock on Saturday. The top floor 3rd) was a dance hall. Many years ago three sycamores were planted along the road through the village. Today they are at least 3 ft. in diameter. What a wonderful legacy!


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